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Alpha Physical Therapy
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Kevin Hanst

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Alpha Physical Therapy & Recovery


Alpha Physical Therapy & Recovery is a new PT clinic located in Doral, Florida that needed a website to:

  1. Bring more clients in the door

  2. Simply demonstrate what Alpha PT & Recovery is all about

Constraints given by the client included:

  1. The site be made in Squarespace

  2. The UI to be in a dark mode


Primary Research - User Interviews

We decided to speak to a couple of Alpha PT clients to learn more about:

  • Alpha PT vs competitors

  • Revealing possible issues clients have run into

  • Overall experience when going to a physical therapist

  • Understanding general attitude that goes toward PT and PT businesses

Insights from interviews:

When a potential client looks into receiving PT/recovery treatment, they mainly look for a PT that has these features:

  • Experience/Credentials  

  • Very informative about what they do for the client (in-depth about exercises and treatment plans) 

  • Location (close to where they live) *emphasis on South Florida (Doral

  • Personal touch - making the client feel more than just any other client (why choose us - about us)

  • Help them get back to a full recovery mentally and physically (the client wants a unique approach to their treatment - innovation) 

The next step was to create user personas in order to boil down the info we learned from the interviews.

User Personas

We created two user personas: one for a recovery client and the other for a PT client each with their goals and frustrations from their experience.

Alpha Physical Therapy & Recovery

The User Personas helped us figure out the target audience for Alpha PT

  1. Athletes who have experienced injuries that have stopped them from recovering fully back to their top form

  2. People who want to recover their muscles after extensive periods of exercise

Competitive Research

We examined two other PT/ recovery businesses, one of which is called Martinez PT and the other is Slay Recovery.

We felt that the UI of these two sites were directly what we were going for since we wanted to make our site as simple as possible with only the most information given to the website user. 

Alpha Physical Therapy & Recovery

Martinez (Left), Slay Recovery (Right)


Information Architecture

The next step of our process was to actually build the navigation layout of the site so we created a sitemap to help us visualize what content is in each section of the site!

Alpha Physical Therapy & Recovery


Each section only has the important information that a potential client to Alpha PT need so the layout is pretty straightforward to easy to understand for the user!


Low-fidelity Sketches

Now that we have a visualization of what’s in the site, let’s see how it looks on paper with lo-fidelity sketches!

Alpha Physical Therapy & Recovery

Mid-fidelity Wireframes

Now it's figma time!

Alpha Physical Therapy & Recovery
Alpha Physical Therapy & Recovery

Final UI

High Fidelity Prototype

The idea behind the long webpage is to simply display the most pertinent information to someone who is looking to schedule a physical therapy session or a recovery session.

Alpha Physical Therapy & Recovery